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Irrigation Pumps

Lowbank Services has been working with Irrigation and River pumps for more that 20 years. This experiences gives us a clear understanding of the ins and outs of pumping issues.

      Our Services include. 

    -    Installation of Mains and Electric motor cabling.
    -    Design Build and Install motor starters.
    -    Variable speed motor drive upgrades.
    -    Control and safety circuit integration.
    -    Circuit diagrams and documentation for existing sites.
    -    Irrigation valve control.
    -    Interfacing pump control to third party Irrigation controllers.

Recent Projects 

Two pumps connected to Irrigation Controller with single pump-start output.

 The problem:

 Micro Master irrigation controller only has one pump output, but the pump site has two pumps. If a shift that only required one pump was programmed in, one pump would need to be manually switched off. This site also had no pump protection.


Install Programmable relay and pressure transduser to interface between controller and motor starters with the following features:
  • Alternate pump start. 
  • Second pump starts if low pressure after time delay.
  • Second pump stops if pressure to high.
  • High pressure safety trip
  • Low pressure or no prime safety trip.
  • Auto mainline filling for spray plant water. 
  • Auto valve check mode.
  • Set-points adjustable via on screen controls.
  • Pressure and fault conditions displayed on readout.

A insertion Mag flow meter was also connected to Micro Master to take advantage of the flow monitoring feature. The Micro Master PC software was connected to the radio network and this site is now controlled remotely via Remote Desktop access on an iPhone.

Automation of Vacuum pump. 

The problem:

Radio irrigation control system had been installed that could not handle the control of vacuum pump to prime river pump. Existing manually operated Vacuum needs to be automated.


Install Programmable relay to interface between Irrigation controller, revised vacuum system and motor starter with the following features 
  • Installation of motorised three way valve and water sensor to automate vacuum system.
  • When pump start signal is received programmable relay controls vacuum pump an valves to draw up water then isolates vacuum pump before starting irrigation pump.
  • Manual override of all controls. 
  • Alarm if vacuum pump fails to draw up water.
  • Status and fault conditions displayed on readout.

Pressurised Mainline with Variable Speed Drive

Two pumps, one main line, 2 shifts per pump. 
Original Auto transformer starters installed by Jon in 1994 and have given over 15 years of trouble free operation.

The problem:
Pump has to be manually restricted to reduce pressure for small (single) shifts causing pump to run inefficiently (pumping more head than is needed).

Install Variable speed drive on one pump then use programmable relay to controls second pump when needed.

  • Mainline pressurised to 80psi with domestic variable speed pressure pump.
  • If irrigation shift is opened and mainline pressure drops, system wakes and Variable speed irrigation pump starts. If one pump cannot maintain pressure the second pump will start and run at full speed. the Variable speed will then make up any difference.
  • Programmable relay controls electrically actuated gate valves so pumps can start with no load and to seal pressurised mainline when not running.
  • When irrigation shifts are closed pumps ramp down and power is completely disconnected from drive (no running fans)
  • 130kW Variable speed drive de-rated to 110kW to operate in 50ºC ambient temperature.
  • Adjust pressure set point from front panel.
  • Large air extraction fan on top of starter enclosure. 
  • Smart control built into same enclosure to start second pump on demand.
  • High-low pressure and no flow safety 
  • Isolation contractor to automatically remove power from drive when not in use.
  • Manual override of smart control.
  • Option for NextG SMS fault reporting.