$600.00 + GST

GBug is the low cost, low maintenance Continuous Soil moisture monitoring system.
The GBug is a logger for the Watermark and Gypsum block Soil Tension sensors. Logging a kPa reading from up to four sensors every 2 hours and storing 20 days worth of data for wireless collection via the MEARetriever.



MEA Retriever one needed per property  

$1100.00 + GST

GBug one per site

$600.00 +GST

 Watermark or GBLite sensor (-10 to-200 kPa) one per depth

$80.00 +GST

Installation per site

$60.00 +GST

Total system cost for two sites with three sensors per site.
$1100 +(2 x $600) + (6 x $80) = $2780.00 + GST

$2900.00 +GST


To ensure the best results from your sensors we recommend professional installation. Contact Lowbank Services for a no obligation quote.


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