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How much could you save by Installing a solar pump?

Solar pump Irrigation is now possible up to 350m³ /hr with one pump. see the range of Lorentz surface Pumps 

"More sun more water"

MEA are based in Adelaide and design and manufacture environmental and soil moisture monitoring systems.

We have sold and installed the full range of MEA soil moisture monitoring and weather station equipment since 2001 call now for a down to earth recommendation and Quote. 

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When you buy an MEA product you can be certain that you are getting not only an incredibly useful product you are also getting the very best customer care along the away


The MEA GBug has now been around for more than 10 years and has proven to be a cost effective and simple way to collect continuous monitored soil moisture data.

Lowbank Services now sells and installs the Envirotek Solutions EnviroPro capacitance probe, a revolutionary design measuring soil moisture, temperature and salinity.

Plexus is a true mesh-networking radio network capable of taking soil moisture measurements and hopping them back across many hundreds of hectares of terrain to a central hub. Each field station can hop data over 1km to either the next field station or the hub.


Each radio within the MEA Plexus system is capable of storing data locally. If any link in the system breaks, measurements continue at the node and are stored until the link can re-establish itself.

Additionally, the Plexus radio network is truly 'self-healing’; if any node drops out, the mesh finds alternative routes to deliver the data to the hub.


Each Plexus field station is powered by it's own little solar panel and an internal Lithium ion battery which will last at least 5 years.The energy draw is so small that even the worst spell of weather will not stop these little guys.

What's happening at Lowbank Services.

Lowbank Services has more than 20 years experience installing and maintaining electrical installations for Irrigation pumps. we think now is the time to look into a solar powered pump. 

Have you considered installing a variable-frequency drive. A VFD will make savings on your power bill and look after you infrastructure. More info at this Link

Automate manual brush filter
 and re-inject flush water using solar power.

Budget prices
Flush Only $4,000 + GST
Re-injection Pump Only $8,500 + GST + Tanks and Plumbing
Flush and re-injection $10,500 + GST +Tanks and Plumbing

OUTPOST the revolutionary low cost logging and monitoring solution.

Filter flush tank level, Real time data.

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We Design, Install and Repair Grid Connected and stand alone solar systems.

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